Episode 8: Spirituality, Secularism, and Recovery

Bobby C. has been sober for 36 years and during that time, he has always been open-minded to new ideas and this has enriched his recovery. He has utilized a number of different peer support groups such as AA, SMART, and Dharma Recovery. He really takes a holistic approach to his recovery.

Spirituality is difficult to define and probably depends on the experience and frame of reference for each person. I tend to think of it language, it’s a way to describe an experience that touches one deeply. It’s like poetry or music.

Secularism ensures inclusion, it creates a safe space where nobody is to feel compelled to adapt anyone else’s belief system. People respect each other’s unique experience and journey.

Spirituality and secularism probably will always have some tension among people in recovery, but it’s not necessary. Avoiding labels and focusing on a practice or action can help.

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