LifeRing Secular Recovery

In this episode, Ben and I spoke with Robert Stump who has been the Executive Director of LifeRing Secular Recovery since 2012 when the founder, Marty Nicholas stepped down. In this episode, Robert shares his personal story in recovery and how he found LifeRing to support him in his sobriety. His journey began in 1997 when the only available option was Alcoholics Anonymous. This posed some difficulty for Robert because of his worldview. For him, AA seemed like a bizarre situation. He isn’t sure why he couldn’t connect in AA but believes it came down to the fact that he simply doesn’t believe in a supernatural being to keep him sober.

Like most of us, recovery hasn’t been easy for Robert but it has helped to have LifeRing available in his area. He attended LifeRing in 2006 and made a commitment to sobriety. In addition to LifeRing meetings, Robert took Antabuse for two years and attended outpatient treatment. He was active with LifeRing and became a convener or meeting leader. From there, things progressed until he became the Executive Director. LifeRing started in the San Francisco Bay area, where there are now some fifty meetings. The organization is growing slowly, but it is growing and it’s a great option for secular people seeking support in their recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

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